Santa Shane with his real beard


When booking a Santa Claus for an in-person, or virtual visit, it is highly recommended to select a Santa Claus with a real beard rather than a fake one. The authenticity of Santa’s appearance plays a big role in preserving the magic and wonder of the experience, especially for young children. A full, fluffy white beard helps complete the iconic image of Santa that children of all ages envision from stories and movies. It adds an element of realism that a fake beard simply cannot replicate.

Seeing Santa with an obvious fake beard can unfortunately break the illusion for children and dampen the excitement of meeting him in person. On the other hand, a real beard lends an air of authenticity and helps convince children that the Santa before them could truly be the real deal from the North Pole. The soft, natural texture and movement of a real beard as Santa talks and gestures can really sell the performance in a way that children intuitively recognize and appreciate. Ultimately, booking a Santa with an authentic-looking beard will lead to more satisfied and enthralled childreen of all ages at your gathering, as well as more magical memories that will last a lifetime. The extra cost and effort to find a real-bearded Santa is well worth it to preserve the sense of wonder and possibility in every child’s eyes.

Santa Claus with a Real Beard!

A Santa Claus with a real beard is certainly an interesting sight to behold. One wonders how he manages to keep such an ample growth of facial hair looking so perfectly white and fluffy. Does he use special shampoos and conditioners formulated for long beards? Perhaps he has an expert team of elven barbers that meticulously style and groom his beard each day, carefully trimming any stray hairs and using round brushes to create that full, wavy texture. The length of a real beard hints at just how old Santa truly is, as it likely takes decades of untouched growth to achieve such length. 

His beard must require regular oil treatments to prevent dryness and breakage. When he’s out delivering presents, does he need to be careful that his beard doesn’t get caught on branches or chimneys? Does he wear a special Santa beard net to keep it tidy in transit? One wonders if his beard starts to smell like cookies and milk after his busy night of present delivery. A majestic beard like that must take an immense amount of care and maintenance. Perhaps that’s why Santa relies on his team of elves to help preserve its luster all year round. With a beard as legendary as Santa’s, it’s no surprise that an entire workshop is needed to support its upkeep.