Don’t forget about Santa for Christmas in July

Christmas is a magical time of year, filled with joy, wonder, and traditions. For many, the image of Santa Claus delivering gifts on Christmas Eve is central to the holiday. With his red suit, white beard, and jolly laugh, Santa represents the spirit of giving and kindness. Children eagerly await Christmas morning when they can […]

Why you should book Santa Claus early

It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season, especially when it comes to thinking ahead to book Santa Claus early for your next in-home visit, corporate event, celebration or festival. With the holidays fast approaching, demand for Santa’s services skyrockets, so it’s wise to contact book or hire Santa as early as possible. […]

Santa Claus with a real beard

Santa Shane with his real beard When booking a Santa Claus for an in-person, or virtual visit, it is highly recommended to select a Santa Claus with a real beard rather than a fake one. The authenticity of Santa’s appearance plays a big role in preserving the magic and wonder of the experience, especially for […]