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Real Hair, Real Santa Beard , Real Santa Claus Suit

Santa Shane is a jolly, rosy-cheeked fellow who is available to bring the magic of the holiday season directly to you, whether in-person or virtually. For those in the Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin Dells, and surrounding Wisconsin areas, Santa Shane can make a special appearance at your home, office, business, or any other desired location to delight children and adults alike with his warm smile, twinkling eyes, and endless supply of Christmas cheer. Imagine the excitement and wonder as Santa Shane arrives, his big belly shaking with laughter, ready to listen to children’s holiday wishes, lead festive sing-alongs, and pose for cherished photos capturing priceless memories. Alternatively, for those unable to host an in-person visit, Santa Shane also offers virtual meet-and-greets, allowing him to connect with families from the comfort of their own homes via video call. No matter if it’s an intimate gathering or a larger holiday party, Santa Shane brings the spirit of the season wherever he goes, spreading joy, kindling holiday magic, and ensuring your celebration is truly one to remember. With his authentic Santa suit, jolly demeanor, and wealth of Christmas knowledge, Santa Shane is the perfect addition to any seasonal event, guaranteed to fill hearts with the true meaning of the holidays.

While an in-person visit from Santa Claus is a classic and cherished holiday tradition, the realities of today’s world have led to the rise of innovative alternatives that allow families to experience the magic of Santa in new and convenient ways. One such option is the virtual Santa Claus, who can be scheduled to join you and your loved ones for a delightful Zoom Christmas party, no matter where you may be located. With just a few clicks, this digital St. Nick can beam into your living room, office, or any other video conference setting, ready to spread holiday cheer to you, your children, and any number of additional family members or coworkers who may be scattered across the country. Through the power of modern technology, this virtual Santa can engage in all the beloved activities of the season – reading stories, singing carols, asking about Christmas wishes, and even posing for festive photos – allowing you to create cherished memories without the need for extensive travel. Whether you’re hoping to surprise your children with a special visit from the North Pole or want to bring your remote team together for a yuletide celebration, the virtual Santa Claus provides a convenient and imaginative alternative to the traditional in-person experience, ensuring the spirit of the holidays shines through no matter the circumstances.


“I believe in Santa Claus” is something we have all said. How difficult is it to find a real Santa Claus?  Your search has ended!  Santa Shane – A real Santa Claus with his real Santa Claus Suit and his real Santa Claus Beard is ready to visit you! In-Person in Wisconsin or Virtually, anywhere in the USA.

Everybody’s wish in this Holiday season is a visit from a Real Santa Claus for Christmas.  Christmas memories are filled with a few things: children, Santa, presents, and presence.  Don’t miss out this year, book an in person or virtual Santa visit today! 

When you schedule a visit from a Real Santa Claus, Santa will call his contact to let them know he is about to appear for your visit.  This allows time for you to get children and other guests inside and ready for the big arrival!  The Christmas magic begins as Santa enters the room with a big ho-ho-ho, jiggling his bells and accessing how the children are accepting him.  Santa does not like to approach children immediately if they are afraid.  The idea is to have children who are not afraid give Santa a hug, a high five or shake his hand.  This is good for the children who are afraid to see and get more comfortable.  Santa also likes to give special attention to senior adults, because Santa Claus brings back so many special memories for them. Santa Claus effects everybody in so many different ways.  Then, depending upon the group that is in attendance, Santa can pass out presents and pose with children, families, and guests for photographs, as Santa likes to interact with each person individually.  You might have read that Santa’s background was in childcare, and he has been doing this for more than a decade.

Santa knows what small children usually like,
what tweens and teens don’t like
(not to sit on Santa Claus’s lap),
and of course, the senior adults

they love the Man in the red suit!  

Depending upon the time allotted, Santa can read the story Twas the Night Before Christmas.  If you would like to print out song lyrics the group and Santa can sing along to some carols you have printed out. 

Christmas and Santa go together like macaroni and cheese. 

As a parent or guardian, you likely grew up with Christmas Santa visits. 

Santa Shane is available for in person visits – to your home, office, or elsewhere – in Wisconsin Dells – Madison –  Milwaukee and areas in-between. Alternatively, this virtual Santa can schedule a Zoom Virtual Christmas Party with any number of your family members spread out across the world. Are you unable to go visit Santa Claus in person with children?  This real Santa Claus is available to visit you virtually via Zoom!  Anybody can be a Santa Claus. This is not just a phone number to call real Santa Claus; this is a real Santa Claus interacting live with your children.  In person, or via Zoom.   Book your visit today!

If Grandparents or other family members live far away, they can join in on the video chat with Zoom.  How fun will it be for Grandma or Grandpa to see the excitement on your children’s faces when they see this real Santa Claus virtually?   They too can join in on the video call and watch as Santa visits your home virtually through Zoom. 

Santa Claus with a Real Beard travels from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, to Madison, Wisconsin to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and areas in-between.

You know Santa Claus lives at the North Pole.
This real Santa has a residence in Wisconsin.

While Santa Shane might not arrive in a real Santa Sleigh, you can be sure this Santa will arrive with his Santa real beard, and real Santa Claus suit.  That’s right; this is not a bad Santa Claus costume!  But an authentic Santa Claus suit. 

There is nothing more precious at Christmas time than Santa Claus with children. Santa home visits and corporate events are available again this upcoming Christmas season.  While Santa likes to visit homes in a car, and not a real Santa Sleigh (parking is so difficult with the sleigh!), Santa Shane comes to you with a real Santa Claus suit, and a real Santa beard.

A Real Santa Claus Suit

A Real Santa Claus Beard

A Real Santa Claus

Jolly Reviews

{from real customers}
The best ! 🎅🏻 Awesome as usual 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Thank You 🙏🏼
  • Angie L. • January 7, 2022
Awesome event for West Allis Great event for the community in West Allis. When not taking photos with children and families, Santa was out waving to people walking by and asking questions and giving suggestions for our business to reach more people. Would definitely book again!
  • Thomas M. • December 19, 2021

We couldn’t have asked for better!!

  • Karin T. • December 19, 2021

wish 4 santa


Everybody’s wish in this Holiday season is a visit from a real Santa Claus for Christmas. Christmas memories are filled with a few things: children, Santa, presents, and presence. Don’t miss out this year, book an in person or virtual Santa visit today!